How To Make Leather Fringe Keychain?

How To Make Leather Fringe Keychain?

When you have so many choices around you and all you want is to make your outfit a little bit more interesting, you can always make a fringe leather keychain our bag charm, it's so fun and will give you a pop of color. Or you can make it more practical - so you can always find a key in your purse.


What you will need:

Any leather 0.7mm / 1.75oz or thicker


Silver Pen

Rotary cutter or Leather Knife

Glue for Leather

Keyring of your choice


Here is a free pattern for you that you can use for both keychains or earrings, but keep in mind that you can make this keychain at any length or size of your choice. 


leather fringe keychain or earring template

Let's make it! Take a rotary cutter or leather knife and ruler to cut off a few inch wide strip (it really depends on how thick you want them to be), then use a silver pen to mark lines where you will be cutting fringes. The lines need to be around 1/2 inch width so it will make a beautiful fringe, you can make them narrower by your choice or make it more frizzy.

Then cut another piece 1/2 by 4 inches that you will use as a keyring loop, you will attach it to the fringe part once you finish butting it. This is how the leather strap will be made.

Next part. Cut the leather where you have marked your fringe, at least 3/4 inch from the top, after that take a loop piece and fold it in a half. Take a leather glue, put it on the left (back) side of the leather till the fringe part starts. Let it dry for a minute, put into your keyring holder loop your keyring, then attach it to the one side of your soon-to-be-ready keychain. After that - start rolling it tightly so it becomes a beautiful keychain.

Wola! It wasn't so hard to do, looks amazing!

Here is an extra step to upgrade your keychain:

Cut a piece of leather that will be in size from the top of your keychain (loop doesn't count) to where fringe starts, length - a bit less than the circumstance of your keychain. Why less? As you will add glue, leather will become stretchy. You can cut it from the same leather, or add an interesting design feature with different color, print, or finish. Glue it around your keychain and it's a whole new design.

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