• Lambskin

    Genuine Italian lambskin & sheepskin. Made in best tanneries. Soft, medium thin. Perfect for sewing.

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  • Suede

    Top-quality waterproof sheepskin suede. Rich in color, very soft and pliable. Truly royal material.

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  • Metallic leather

    Classic gold, silver & other metallic leather - bright, bold, and classic for the shiny details and brave design.

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  • Perforated

    Fine, laser-cut perforation. Various shapes - round, rectangle, floral, reptile scales & other unique textures.

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  • Embossed

    Various textures. Snakeskin, crocodile, other animals, pebbled grain embossed on quality sheepskin.

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  • Printed

    Modern leopard, snake, flower, ect. printed leather, multi-colored flowers, polka dots, and more quality prints.

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  • Patent

    Glossy patent leather is a leather type with poured lacquer upper layer, shiny and durable.

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  • Stretch

    It is thin leather with cotton/lycra backing, that allows it to stretch and regain the original shape.

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  • Fantasy

    Bold and beautiful. Various colors, textures, can include scale pattern and ornamentation, laser cuts.

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  • Furs

    Royal premium skins that can be used in upholstery, interior design, apparel, accessories and other projects.

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  • Cow / calf

    Larger skins and durability, versatility, sustainability, easy maintenance, and comfort.

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  • Vegetable Tanned

    Skins are naturally tanned providing perfect thick canvas for painting, tooling and craving leather.

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  • Leather sheets

    Pre-cut quality sheets. Choose the dimensions and be sure to get the exact amount for your project.

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  • Leather sets

    Selected leather sheets in beautiful color combinations. Perfect for small projects.

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  • Leather scraps

    Choose metallic classic, mixed metallic, and Nappa or specific color quality scrap packs.

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  • Bundles

    Value deals with 50% OFF. Preselected color and texture combinations for stunning projects.

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  • Hardware

    Easy-to-install real Swarovski crystals for leather, chains for bags & accessories, and many more.

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  • All products

    Everything you need to bring your projects and business to the next level in one place.

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