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Black Lambskin Leather 0.9mm/2.25oz / BLACK NIGHT 521

Black Lambskin Leather 0.9mm/2.25oz / BLACK NIGHT 521

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Real lambskin pieces, Sheep skin sheets

BLACK leather fabric , quite thin and really soft leather material with nice little shine. Perfect for sewing clothes and handcrafting. Durable material for Your next project.

CODE: 521(19-4203)0.9
COLOR: Black
PANTONE: 19-4203 TPG
THICKNESS: 0.9 mm / 2.25 oz

Genuine Italian Leather
Quality beautiful Lambskin leather
Sold per piece

-Please note that genuine leather is natural and part of an animal, scars and imperfections are all part of its character and personality. As every animal is different there aren't too identical pieces of leather in the world.

-We do our best to match color and lightning of each skin, but please be aware they might not correspond exactly to the ones in the pictures due to the many factors that can distort it (light, display, camera).

Skins are packed carefuly to avoid crumbling.
We ship within 3-4 days after receiving your order.

Standard International Delivery
*to Europe - app. 5 - 14 days.
*outside Europe - app. 10 - 30 days.
For express shipment (2 - 10 days) please contact us directly.

Thank YOU for visiting Leather AA shop and loving quality Italian leather!

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