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Bright Green Pythons Leather Full Skins Genuine Snakeskin 0.7mm/1.75oz

Bright Green Pythons Leather Full Skins Genuine Snakeskin 0.7mm/1.75oz

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High-quality bright green with black real python leather skins. Amazing snakeskin for your best projects! Our mission is to provide only the best quality Italian leather samples to other leather workers, crafters of all kinds, small businesses or Etsy shops for your own projects.

Color: Bright Green
Thickness (mm/oz) : 0.7 mm / 1.75 oz
Size can vary from which you choose 9.8 - 13.1 feet / 300 - 400 cm depending on cut
Width depends on part of a snake (belly part is the widest, tail is narrower).
For 9.8 ft / 300 cm skin narrowest part is 5 inches / 13 cm, belly width is 12 inches / 30 cm
For 13.1 ft / 400 cm skin narrrowest part is 6.5 inches / 16 cm, belly width is 14 inches / 25 cm

Please be aware that (!) genuine python skins can have a holes, if you want exact size or location of hole in skin, please, contact us directly.

- Unique bright natural python skin sheets, real leather from python. Quite soft, visible scales, beautiful pattern. Classic luxurious snakes leather.
- Please note that genuine leather is natural and part of an animal, scars, and imperfections are all part of its character and personality.

Please be aware that pictures are informative. The cuts vary as shown in the picture. For any questions and custom orders, please contact me!



Skins are packed carefully to avoid crumbling.
We ship out within 1-3 days after receiving your order.


Thank YOU for doing business with the Leather AA team and loving quality Italian leather!

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