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Gold Snake Print Lambskin Sheets 0.8mm/2oz / GOLD SNAKE 1042

Gold Snake Print Lambskin Sheets 0.8mm/2oz / GOLD SNAKE 1042

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High-quality lambskin leather in gold color. Snake print all over the leather for your best projects! Our mission is to provide only the best quality Italian leather to other leather workers, crafters of all kinds, small businesses or Etsy shop for your own projects.

NAME: Gold Snake
CODE: 1042 (Metallic) 0.8
THICKNESS: 0.8mm / 2oz


We offer other *SHEETS* at sizes:
6x6 inches (or 15x15 cm)
8x10 inches (20x25 cm almost A4 size)
12x12 inches (25x25 cm)
12x18 inches (30x45 cm or bit larger than A3 size)

- These gold snake leather sheets are perfect for all kind of artwork of yours. Snake pieces are very pliable and perfect for all kind of accessories and garments. 100% natural Italian leather pre-cut sheets.
Please note that genuine leather is natural and part of an animal, scars and imperfections are all part of its character and personality.

Please be aware that pictures are informative. The cuts vary as shown in the picture. For any questions and custom orders, please contact me!



Skins are packed carefully to avoid crumbling.
We ship out within 1-3 days after receiving your order.

For express shipment (2 - 5 days) please choose EXPRESS DELIVERY and at checkout add your PHONE NR.
For orders heavier than 35 oz/1 kg, your leather will be delivered with FREE express shipment.
Please, write your phone number for the courier.


Thank YOU for doing business with Leather AA team and loving quality Italian leather!

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