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White Perforated Lambskin Laser Cut 0.8mm/2oz / GALAXY 801

White Perforated Lambskin Laser Cut 0.8mm/2oz / GALAXY 801

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Genuine Lambskin Leather material, Perforated leather hide

WHITE perforated Lambskin Leather material for sewing, Genuine Sheepskin sheets for crafting. Soft Perforated Leather material with round laser-cut, called GALAXY

CODE: 801(13-4403)0.8
COLOR: White perforation and laser cut
PANTONE: 13-4403 TPG
THICKNESS: 0.8 mm / 2 oz
SIZE (m2): 0.45 - 0.52 m2 (the in the pictures is 0.52 m2 around 67 x 51 cm usable area)
SIZE (sf): 5.17 - 5.6 sft (the in the pictures is 5.6 sft m2 around 29 x 25 in usable area)

Genuine Italian Leather
Quality beautiful Lambskin leather
Sold per piece
We sell full skins and NOT leather scraps.

-WHITE laser-cut leather sheets, real lambskin leather, Perforated sheep skin sheets for sewing. Interesting leather perforation. Soft lambskin leather material called GALAXY, try it!

-Keep in mind that dimensions (square footage, square meters) on LEATHER refers to total workable surface area as hide shape is not consistent, so if this is the first time you buy genuine leather don`t be confused with measurements, for example, 9 sqft DON`T mean 3 sqft of length x 3 sqft of wide.
-Please note that genuine leather is natural and part of an animal, scars, and imperfections are all part of its character and personality. As every animal is different there aren't two identical pieces of leather in the world.

-We do our best to match the color and lighting of each skin, but please be aware they might not correspond exactly to the ones in the pictures due to the many factors that can distort it (light, display, camera).

Skins are packed carefully to avoid crumbling.
We ship within 1-3 days after receiving your order.

EXPRESS DELIVERY (PHONE Nr. required at checkout):
*Delivered in 2 - 5 days.
*Express delivery INCLUDED buying 4 or more hides!

Thank YOU for doing business with Leather AA shop and loving quality Italian leather!

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